Insect series

I am fascinated by the paradox that the workers of decay like flies and ants have been some of the best preserved species to have been passed on to our day in immaculate condition encapsulated in amber from up to 120 million years ago - looking like they could get up and fly away if they could only free themselves. The fly, suspended in amber is to me at the same time beautiful and horrific, it looks as tough it is dancing, but some limbs are unnaturally twisted, freezing the the last struggling movement to free itself. 

"We are sometimes able to turn round our indifference to the deaths of flies into a recognition of the indifference of nature and time to our own lives and deaths, absorbing though they both seem to us" - Steven Connor from "Fly" 2006

I am deeply interested in the wisdom of animals how they know how to cure themselves naturally by eating herbs and the ants helping to break up our bodies after we die. I have such respect for them and their instinct. I have started keeping bees and am studying them intensely. They are a chance for me to experience the paradoxes of Chinese philosophy the Tao-te-ching – where two opposing things can happen simultaneously, they are all separate but are also as one in the way they communicate. I believe that for me to experience contact with this reality will impart some knowledge that sneaks past logic and rational thinking and penetrates to a different kind of understanding.